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Chief Functionary

Vijay Kumar, the secretary of "Samadhan" was born into a Dalit family. Though he was lucky enough to gain access to education, he was witness to the atrocities and exploitation the Dalits were subjected to. In school too, he was discrimated against. He also witnessed that the Dalit women were the worst sufferers.
However, having a strong belief in the essential dignity of the dalits and in their capacity to overcome the problems and pressures that are exploiting and crushing them, he decided that development should be a process of empowerment focusing on people's participation and the creation of groups and associations.
His initiatives in social development met with a lot of resistance from the upper castes so much so that charges were framed against him. Its frequent visits to Dharampur to his uncle's place, who is incidentally a Police officer and his participation in activities initiated by Oxfam (India) Trust, and Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association (UPVHA) had given him some visibility and recognition in this area. Therefore, prompted by UPVHA and realising the needs of this area, he along with a group of like-minded friends, all belonging to the Dalit community and in the same age-group formed vSamadhan' which was duly registered in 1992.
Since women were the worst sufferers, they became the prime focus of the organisation. Prompting SHGS of women has enabled them to increase their income level and improve their living standards. Good health is a basic right, Since good health ensures physical, mental and emotional well living. Health care was taken up as a major activity. Since 73rd and 74th Constitutional (Amendment) Act have given constitutional legitimacy to the Panchayats at the rural and urban areas, strengthened PRIS and aware Grarn Sabha will go a long way in realising the millennium development goals and achieving local governance in its true sense. But to work efficiently and effectively, cooperation and support from different castes, class and religious groups are required. Therefore, communal harmony as a programme has helped in bringing about social cohesion.