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OUR Objectives

Major Objectives of the organization:

  • To make aware the people about their rights by ensuring multifaceted development.
  • To make endeavors for self-dependency on rural & urban bodies towards Governance.
  • To make aware of the marginalized people belonging to urban & rural bodies about the Govt. schemes of Health, Hygiene & Education by ensuring their capacity building.
  • To address issues like Agriculture, Disaster Management, Primary Education & other rights-based issues.
  • To Empower the Dalit & Marginalised people under Goverment shemes and facility through organization various awareness programme.
  • To works on Disability through ensuring the govt services among seek & needy people.
  • The established PIC/ LIBRARY Educational alertness among the women on Educational Spiritual social & ecnolical issues through establishment of litrecy centers small scull industries and other income generation activities .
  • To aware the community an Enviromenatal Pollution, Hygiene, health & sanitation through communication activities.
  • To deveplop Planning for Sustainable impoverment in small scale industries, handicraft and agriculture thrugh training and education.